PacFlange Products

PacFlange bearings and housings have been designed to replace existing metallic bearings on food production and processing lines. Built with the same dimensions as many of the standard bearing enclosures on the market, a retrofit of PacFlange bearings is cost-effective on the majority of food processing equipment.

Ideal Conveyors to Target

When considering PacFlange for your processing application, it is important to consider the speed and loading which the bearing will experience. PacFlange products function best at a low RPM (around 20-30 RPM). It is possible for PacFlange units to operate at a higher RPM, however the maximum loading will be reduced. Please consult the Dynamic Loading tables and view the Application Technical Guidance package to determine the loading-RPM limit (applications involving rotational speeds of greater than 60 RPM should be approved by PacFlange engineering before being implemented, please contact PacFlange Canada for with requests/questions).

Custom Range

In addition to the Standard size range of bearings, PacFlange also offers bearings of sizes ranging from 40mm - 75mm (1.25in - 3in) for applications where bearings of greater diameter are required. These bearing/housing sizes are not kept regularly in stock and are thus are subject to longer delivery times.

If a custom range product is frequently purchased for your manufacturing/processing facility, provisions can be made to reduce order delivery times. Please contact PacFlange Canada for further details.

Dynamic Loading

The table below shows how much load can be directly applied on one bearing at various shaft speeds. As one shaft has two bearings, the applied load can be twice the given value below for a particular RPM. If the shaft size is unknown, use the housing size to find the load at the specific rpm.