PacFlange Conveyor Units

Developed for the food processing and production industry, PacFlange is designed to replace the conventional greased roller bearing thereby eliminating grease completely and providing a zero maintenance solution. By upgrading your assembly line with PacFlange bearings, your company can reduce system downtime, increase production, and save on your plants Operational Costs.

PacFlange consists of a food grade: NSF/ANSI 51, NSF/ANSI 61 approved housing (Grade 304 stainless steel housing options are also available for additional cost), a 2205 duplex stainless steel sleeve (grub screwed to the shaft), which runs on a ThorPlas-White bush. This material is an engineered food grade thermoplastic that is self-lubricating with low friction and wear properties – specifically designed for food and water handling environments. PacFlange bearing are available in both a Standard and Custom (>35mm) range of sizes.

Who can Benefit from PacFlange?

The target market for PacFlange conveyor units include food processors, food equipment manufacturers, food process service companies and anyone else who designs, builds, manufacturers or uses conveyor systems and machinery incorporating industrial bearings in their equipment.

PacFlange conveyor units are unique in that they are fully certified for direct contact with food and beverage products, while eliminating grease and reducing operational costs through longevity and predictable wear.

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Reduce Your Plants Maintenance Costs

• Grease free – no need for expensive food grade grease and eliminating chance of contamination
• Maintenance free – as there is no need for grease, staff do not need to attend to each unit to apply grease periodically, freeing up their time for other maintenance tasks
• No catastrophic failure – PacFlange bushings will wear out gradually and predictably, thus avoiding unexpected failure
• Planned replacement – as there is no catastrophic failure for PacFlange units when installed within PV limits, you are able to plan well in advance when a unit is due for replacement, therefore reducing down time from unexpected unit failure
• Longer life – reduced replacement of units and higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)



Advantages of PacFlange

(For entire product range)
Self-lubricating – No oil or grease required
Cleaner operation
No maintenance required
High strength, low wear – Long bearing wear life
Gradual wear – ensures no unplanned maintenance
Elimination of food contamination
Quick and easy installation
High resistance – to chemicals, heat, corrosion, and abrasion
Self-aligning – Large Pivot Angles

Operating Temp Range

Ideal Applications

PacFlange bearings are an excellent choice on most applications where the required speed is not too high or loads are not too great so as not to exceed the PV rating of the bearing.  PacFlange bearings are NOT the solution to all bearing needs, but they bring a number of advantages to the user which can far out-weigh the load/speed limitations in many applications. If you're unsure as to whether or not PacFlange bearings are appropriate in your application, please view the Application Technical Guidance package linked here, or contact PacFlange Canada / your local PacFlange dealer.

  • Areas exposed to frequent wash-downs
  • Wet, clean room, or moist environments
  • Locations with limited access
  • Abrasive environments
  • Areas exposed to chemicals
  • Food handling and processing
flange convey brg

What to Watch Out For

  • Tension Belts - The installer needs to be aware not to over tighten the tension belt as this could exceed the dynamic load limitations of the PacFlange unit
  • Alignment - Very important with PacFlange (more so than greased rolling element). Best to reset/mount the drive motor after bearings and shaft has been installed
  • Torque Arms - Caution needs to be taken when drive motors are mounted with torque arms as this arrangement transmit pressure directly to the shaft bearings



If you have any questions about feasibility, availability, pricing, or benefits of PacFlange products in your production/processing line, please contact PacFlange Canada.

Certifications: Thorplas-White-Food CertificationThorplas-white-Potable-Water-Certification

*For additional information, specific bearing size charts, and physical properties, please consult the PacFlange-Brochure-2018, PacFlange Installation Instructions, or view the Application Technical Guidance package.