What Is PacFlange?

PacFlange is a revolutionary new grease and maintenance free product designed to replace conventional greased conveyor and food processing equipment bearings.

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Standard Range

PacFlange housings are available in a wide range of standard sizes to enable them to be easily designed/retrofit into your conveyor or other food processing solution.

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Success Stories

PacFlange units have been used successfully in a wide variety of industrial food processing applications. See client success stories here:

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PacFlange Canada Mission

By working closely with our customers and through our dealer family, we will strive every day to help reduce operating costs and improve food safety through smart engineering and the application of environmentally friendly, non-polluting bearing solutions in the Canadian Food Processing Industry. By adapting our extensive experience in marine, hydro-power generation and industrial applications we seek to improve performance, to eliminate grease, to increase the operational life of equipment, to enhance reliability and performance of machinery while decreasing the risk associated with unplanned downtime resulting from bearing failures.

Looking into the future, we will be ready to seize the opportunities for PacFlange Conveyor Units as increasing pressures to reduce production costs, to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime, to reduce the risk of product contamination and to eliminate all grease from food production come into effect. Through cooperation and hard work we will make PacFlange the grease-free bearing of choice wherever food certified bearings are required.


Interested in Implimenting PacFlange Products into your Assemby Line?